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Cyrille lafricain79 at
Sat Apr 27 16:06:20 UTC 2019

I'm currently helping a friend to use Libreoffice for the publication of
a book in Myanmar. But all the links for Myanmar/burmese in this page
point to very old package no more compatible with new LO release:
To type text the installation of the palauk font solve the problem on
For dictionary on this link
I found an old extension with an hunspell dic for OpenOffice and it is
probably possible to create a new extension for Libreoffice. I'm ready
to do the work, but I couldn't maintain it. Would it be possible to add
it directly to Libreoffice sources?
The same page says that the ui is translated but on Ubuntu I couldn't
see the translation with the "my" locale. the
page says too that graphite give this UI translation, then how to use it
on LO?

Thanks for help.
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