Linker problems with system vs bundled libraries (RPATH vs RUNPATH)

Michael Stahl mst at
Fri Feb 1 20:32:40 UTC 2019

On 01.02.19 20:12, Luboš Luňák wrote:
> On Monday 28 of January 2019, Michael Stahl wrote:
>> hope this will help:
>> the idea is we use different symbol version for everything so LO libs
>> call into bundled library, system libs call into system library.
>> haven't tested it though, just make check runs fine here...
>   Yes, that works. But before you do, could you please e.g. add URL of this
> discussion to the commit message? "unintended hilarity" is a rather poor
> problem description.

... unfortunately it's too late to add anything to the commit message as 
the patch somehow reviewed and pushed itself.

well, anybody who knows what a gloriously misguided idea the ELF global 
namespace is can think of any number of problems that would be fixed by 
the patch :)

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