[ABANDONED] Re: WIP migration towards Firebird 3.0.4, cannot find -ltommath

Michael Stahl mst at libreoffice.org
Sun Feb 3 14:16:25 UTC 2019

On 02.02.19 23:09, julien2412 wrote:
> I gave up, it’s just a mess to integrate Firebird on lo.

okay that's understandable, firebird is quite the unmaintainable mess...

for the record, where we are stuck now is that on MacOSX, firebird 
builds but the unit tests fail with SIGILL, perhaps due to some '-msse4' 
usage in the build; on Windows, firebird build fails before it even 
starts with:

> make[2]: Entering directory 'C:/cygwin/home/tdf/lode/jenkins/workspace/gerrit_windows/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird'
> C:/cygwin/home/tdf/lode/opt/bin/make -C gen Debug
> make[3]: Entering directory 'C:/cygwin/home/tdf/lode/jenkins/workspace/gerrit_windows/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/gen'
> Makefile:653: /home/tdf/lode/jenkins/workspace/gerrit_windows/workdir/UnpackedTarball/firebird/gen/make.shared.targets: No such file or directory

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