Boolean configuration settings not editable in tools - advanced - expert configuration

Winfried Donkers Winfried.Donkers at
Mon Feb 4 08:53:44 UTC 2019

(moving discussion from to mailing list)

>> For reasons unknown to me, boolean configuration settings are read only on the 
>> expert configuration dialog, int/long values can be edited. This is not just in master,
>> but e.g. in version 6.0 as part of openSUSE too. I didn't investigate whether this
>> is as designed or a bug, as the focus of the current patch is the error rectangle code.

> I don't understand exactly what you claim is broken. Can you be more specific please?
> (As you mention "version 6.0", it seems that you are talking about a generic issue,
> not a specific issue with this patch? But there are certainly many properties of boolean
> type in the registry, and I don't see a reason why this specific property should be of 
> type int when it actually models a yes/no option.)

I noticed a general unexpected behaviour when working with LibreOffice in Tools-Advanced-Expert Configuration.
When the setting is of type boolean, I cannot change the setting. I tried various existing settings, mainly in org.openoffice.Office.Calc and both with current Master and version as distributed with openSUSE Leap 15.0.
My conclusion was that for reasons unknown to me, boolean settings are not editable and int settings are.
So I choose to use an int as type for a setting that is 'on' or 'off'.
I forgot to mention this behaviour in the mailing list when I made my discovery.

I'm trying to put that right now, and I would like to know whether the behaviour I described is intentional, a bug, or whether I did something in an incorrect way.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

WRT the specific issue, I want the setting to be of type boolean _and_ I need the setting to be editable. The latter is the most important at the moment, as the exact location (registry and/or document) and the accompanying UI are yet to be decided/inplemented.


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