Boolean configuration settings not editable in tools - advanced - expert configuration

Winfried Donkers Winfried.Donkers at
Tue Feb 5 12:51:59 UTC 2019

>> When using LO on a Linux machine, I need to double click a setting to edit it. In all cases, a dialog
>> appears. For string and int type settings, I can change/replace the value. For boolean seeting, a 
>> dialog appears, bu I cannot change true to false or vice versa.

> i just built a current master, and i'm not seeing this; double click 
> toggles the boolean.

>> When using LO on a Windows machine (where I am at his moment), there is a difference in tha case of
>> boolean type settings. No dialogs appears, but the value inverts by double-clicking.
>> I could not acchieve this (change the value of a boolean type setting by just double-clicking) on my
>> openSUSE leap 15.0 machines - which I cannot access right now.

> can you try different backends with SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gen etc., maybe 
> it's specific to some particular one.

Will do. The annoying thing that I couldn't reproduce yesterday after a clean build, where I encountered the problem repeatedly in the weekend (on 1 machine).


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