no pagenumbers on a specific number of first pages

Thomas Weissel valueerror at
Thu Feb 7 19:21:37 UTC 2019

hello and thank you for your answers.

i am familiar with the way to achieve the formerly described document
i wanted to bring it to the attention of the developers that it is
completely non intuitive that a page break inserted with ctrl-return is not
sufficient to apply a page style from the sidebar

why is it possible to select a page format template from the sidebar in the
first place when the only template that can be applied this way is the
"first page" template to the first page of the document. all the other
templates applied to any other page will be used for the whole document -
no matter what.

inserting manual pagebreaks via the paragraph context menu or the insert
menu while defining the template for the following page renders the
reconfiguration of a finished document almost impossible without a lot of
cut n paste work.

it could be an easy task right from the sidebar.  it should be possible to
define a page template from there for every page in the document and allow
to configure pagenumbers imho.


On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 5:45 PM Thomas Weissel <valueerror at> wrote:

> helo everybody,
> i'm a teacher and a lot of students come to me with their it problems..
> one of them comes up every year when they have to deliver and print their
> first pre-scientific work.
> it seems to be very very hard to get libre office to not display page
> numbers on the first page and the abstract and the table of contents.
> applying site templates like "erste seite" or "verzeichnis" seems to work
> in avery unpredictable way even if proper manual site breaks are in
> place..  sometimes it removes the footer on all pages, sometimes on every
> second page and most of the time it sets the template either for the page
> after the current page or for the page before..
> i figured out a way to get it done but it is very unituitive
> also getting the page numbers to start with nr.1 on page 4 is not
> something an everyday user would ever be able figure out .
> what is the proposed way to get this done..  could you consider reworking
> that specific part ..  thousands of students in austria need this every
> year.. so it would be nice to have an intuitive easy way to get this done
> and help with the adoption of libre office
> setting page templates seems a bit buggy too but thats probably because we
> are "holding it wrong"
> thanks in advance
> thomas
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