Request for someone to thoughtfully and critically evaluate RightToLeft DOCX bug fixes

Justin Luth justin_luth at
Mon Feb 18 14:50:30 UTC 2019

RTL bugs are complicated, and I don't think our testing is geared to RTL 
situations, so bad changes have a better chance of causing regressions 
and disturbing our users.  I have several gerrit patches that should be 
critically reviewed by someone familiar with RTL issues.

1.) 3 patches related to Bug 98620 - FILESAVE: DOCX - Error in paragraph 
orientation after converting in a RTL user locale

     -note comment 28 where I write "But don't necessarily believe 
anything here, because the more I think I understand it, the more I find 
out how wrong I am."

2.) 3 patches related to Bug 116404 - In Writer, when writing a new RTL 
document with locale defined as Hebrew and saving as docx the styles are 
saved as LTR

     -this one should be safe, but I'd prefer a review instead of just 
pushing it myself.

Thanks for investing the time to evaluate and give feedback on these fixes,


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