How should a fresher contribute to LibreOffice?

Michael Stahl mst at
Thu Feb 21 14:34:47 UTC 2019

hi Shubham,

On 20.02.19 05:12, shubham wrote:
> Hi this is Shubham. I am a third year student of Visvesvaraya National 
> Institute of Technology(VNIT). I am interested in contributing to 
> LibreOffice. I need a way how should I start.

good to hear you're interested!

best to start by doing a build of LibreOffice master, and then creating 
a patch for one of the "easy-hack" bugs that you can find via the Wiki 
page below; once you're done, upload the patch to gerrit.

for details regarding this year's GSoC, see:

(note that Google hasn't actually announced participating mentoring 
organizations yet)

don't hesitate to ask questions on IRC channel #libreoffice-dev.

happy hacking!

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