How to get a bitmap of page or shape in a unit test?

Michael Stahl mst at
Thu Feb 28 09:54:16 UTC 2019

On 28.02.19 01:31, Regina Henschel wrote:
> The shape members mXRenderedCustomShape and  mxCustomShapeEngine are 
> empty. I have tried to generate them by calling 
> GetSdrObjectFromCustomShape(). It sets 
> "" as engine. But in the 
> given context the servicemanager has it neither in nor in 
> data_.namedImplementations.

try this: git grep EnhancedCustomShapeEngine | grep component

the problem is that sd/CppunitTest_sd_import_tests lacks the component 
file "svx/util/svx" - it only has "svx/util/svxcore".

ceterum censeo that integration tests should just use the complete 
service.rdb instead of wasting everybody's time with tracking down 
missing components all the time.

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