Understanding simian

Michael Weghorn m.weghorn at posteo.de
Fri Jan 4 07:46:07 UTC 2019


On 04/01/2019 02.11, rajprakash sahoo wrote:
> Also I got stucked in this:- 
> java -jar simian-2.3.31.jar -threshold=30 -language=c++ `cat files`
> it showed like this:-
> Error: Unable to access jarfile simian-2.3.31.jar

Do you have the jar file called "simian-2.3.31.jar" in the current
directory? Otherwise you might need to replace "simian-3.3.31.jar" with
the path to the simian jar file downloaded from their website.

I don't really know much about simian, but e.g. these steps gave me some
output from simian (just demonstrates how to find the jar, not yet the
output you need):

  wget https://www.harukizaemon.com/simian/simian-2.5.10.tar.gz
  tar xvf simian-2.5.10.tar.gz
  java -jar bin/simian-2.5.10.jar

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