Problem in running make file on Ubuntu 16.04

Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Tue Jan 8 08:14:34 UTC 2019

On 08.01.2019 10:44, Komal Bharadiya wrote:
> I have been trying to setup libreoffice dev-environment lately. After 
> executing ./ file, I hit make command. The execution takes 
> ample amount of time. It hangs my laptop, and I end up switching it off. 
> I have tried multiple no. of times. But couldn't run it successfully, 
> what can I do? Please help!
> I have Dell Vostro 3568 model.
> Thanking you in anticipation!

> Building LibreOffice takes time, a lot of time. Exactly how much depends on how powerful your machine is

Several lines below, there's "Approximate times" section, telling 
someone's experience with some unspecified repo revision, which took 1.5 
hrs. I can tell you that I used to have ~8 hrs build time on Kaveri 7700 
box with spinning HDD.

You should expect long build times on your laptop. But if you also are 
going to do other tasks on it during the build (to increase build times 
even more), then you may adjust it using --with-parallelism (discussed 
there), which defaults to use all your cores, but which you could want 
to set to a lower value to free some resources; or you may run make 
using nice (`nice make`) to decrease its priority and make system 
responsive to interaction without sacrificing cores.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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