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> > On Jan 9, 2019, at 16:06, Noel Grandin <noelgrandin at> wrote:
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> > Nobody owns it, and you're welcome to file a bug, but there are already
> a ton of HTML import bugs, our support is really very basic.
> Well I’ve noticed in the past that bugs regarding the HTML filter received
> very little attention, unfortunately. If not the existing import filter,
> are there efforts to implement alternatives?
HTML is a fairly massive beast, so there are __always__ going to be bugs in
our import filter.

I believe that Kohei started doing some parsing work over in the orcus
library at
and we use some of that (e.g. very very basic CSS parsing) somewhere in our

But for normal HTML we still use our own parser.

And the parsing is only a very small part anyhow, most of the work is in
converting the HTML model to our own document model.

> Unfortunately, while I’m very comfortable with C++ and Linux etc, LO seems
> like a magnificent beast of code and I am unable to judge whether I’d be
> useful tackling these issues myself. It would be great to find whoever
> knows the code to discuss…

Come hang out on the IRC channel and ask questions. Nobody really owns it,
but various people have some knowledge about different parts of it and can
point you in the right direction.
The bulk of the logic lives in
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