need advices and help about Bookmark API.

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Hello everybody,
                It is my first post on this mailing-list and probably not the last one, so I will introduce myself.
I'm Vincent LORENZO and I'm developing with my colleagues an UML modeler, called Papyrus and based on Eclipse ( ).
We are developing a new feature to generate a text document from a UML model and we use the LibreOffice API.
We found many examples to start a document creation and now we have a good prototype. Each relevant element of the UML model is transformed into title, section, paragraph, image, ... in an odt file.
At this step, we want to store additional datas for each LibreOffice elements, in order to identify the UML element used to create a title, a paragraph, ... to be able to reverse future text changes into the initial UML model.

We want these additional data not to be directly visible to the user.
We want a start and end tag around each information coming from the uml model. (so inside a title, text, cell, ...)

Question 1:
Currently we are studying the possibility to use the Bookmark field's name to store these datas. We want to use the Bookmark with start and end tag, to get something like that.
<text:bookmark-start text:name="UML_element_qualified_name_and_others_useful_informations" />
              Some text
       <text:bookmark-end text:name=" UML_element_qualified_name_and_others_useful_informations " />

In reality, I would prefer to be able to use a more structured datas, extending the Bookmark object (or using another solution ? ) to get that, something like that:

       <text:bookmark-start text:name="Bookmark1" umlElementQualifiedName="Package1::Class1" umlElementKind="Class" umlElementfeature="name" id="xxx"/>
                           Some text
       <text:bookmark-end text:name="Bookmark1" />

but I have no idea if it is possible and how to do that. Please, does someone have an idea to structure my datas ?
Of course, if you have a better solution than Bookmark, fell free to propose it.

Question 2:
Today, I succeed to create a such Bookmark, using the example:
I have this code:

     //document is already created, I'm creating a title

1.                  xTextCursor.setString(text);

2.                  xTextCursor.gotoEnd(false);

3.                  XInterface xSearchInterface = FindFirst(odtEditor.getXTextDocument(), text);  //(copy of the method provided by the example)

4.                  XTextRange xSearchTextRange = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(, xSearchInterface);

5.                  InsertBookmark(odtEditor.getXTextDocument(), xSearchTextRange, "niceBookMark"); //(copy of the method provided by the example)

So, in this example, I write text, I look for it, then I create a XTextRange and at the end, I can create the Bookmark. I'm not very have happy with this solution. I would prefer a solution without the search step, but I don't know how to get a valid XTextRange (I admit I don't yet well understand  the behavior of the API).
Please, do you have some pointer or code example ?

I thank you to read me until here.
Have a nice day.

CEA Saclay Nano-INNOV
Point Courrier n° 174
91 191 Gif sur Yvette CEDEX

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