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Michael Stahl mst at
Wed Jan 16 10:54:02 UTC 2019

On 16.01.19 10:57, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> Hello,
> says: LO 6.1.4 is for technology enthusiasts and 6.0.7 is for enterprises
> or conservative users.  I read: 6.1.4 is development and 6.0.7 is stable.

development happens on "master", and new features may be backported not 
to 6.1 but only to the 6.2 branch, but not any more right now (IIRC) 
because there is already a 6.2.0 RC2.

the 6.1 branch only gets bugfixes, but (as always) bugfixes may carry 
their own risk of introducing new bugs, which cannot be prevented with 
100% certainty.

> When I reported that building the conservative version fails, the answer on this mailing list was, that 6.0.7 is dead. [

there will be a 6.2 release very soon, so at that point 6.1 will be 
declared the "stable" branch.

> Please either align the Download area not to offer for installation end of life versions, or explain what is the point
> of delivering software for the enterprise, that is not supported.

TDF does not and has never claimed to deliver enterprise support for any 
of its software; that sort of thing is available from downstream 
commercial service providers, who maintain release branches with a much 
longer support life-time than TDF releases.

perhaps the Download page could be adapted to make that more obvious?

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