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Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Wed Jan 16 12:03:26 UTC 2019

On 16.01.2019 14:49, Дилян Палаузов wrote:
> Hello,
> what I wanted to ask was, why does the LO-ebpage recommend for enterprises end of life products.
> My understanding of the processes is, that there are usually a stable version, that is not end-of-live, and a most
> current version, at the same time.  However there are gaps, when the webpage offers only one version, that is not end of
> life, without stating this clear.

6.0 *is* the stable version at the moment, that is rightfully 
recommended now. EOL means only one thing: no more releases for this 
branch are planned. This happens at the moment when the last release of 
the branch comes out. The last release for 6.0 brought last portion of 
the fixes; and at this moment, 6.0.7 is considered the most stable - and 
for that reason, recommended; and at the same time, TDF won't release 
any more patches to it - so it's EOLed. So do you suggest to only 
recommend versions that don't have the last pack of fixes?

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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