HiDPI bits ...

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at fbihome.de
Mon Jan 21 16:29:39 UTC 2019

Hi Michael.

Am 21.01.19 um 14:07 schrieb Michael Meeks:
> 	For Online, Kendy implemented HiDPI in such a way that the LibreOffice
> code is mostly unaware that the underlying surface has a different DPI.

I was looking a bit into DPI stuff lately myself, because of

Qt5 has also some internal, device-independent representation and then an external one.

I'm all for hiding as much DPI handling as possible in the lower layers.

The I have the currently "fun" fact that LO KDE5 backend, which uses Cairo for the actually
rendering, is currently broken with respect to unsing Qt 5.9 (ok) against Qt 5.11 (broken).

Ah - forgot about SAL_FORCEDPI, which doesn't work for our mostly native menus.

> include/vcl/outdev.hxx:    float GetDPIScaleFactor() const
> 	And instead using the approach of:
> 	Certainly having two of these in play where only one can be used at
> once is confusing =)

Now I think I've read the mail more then two times, but what is the difference you're comparing here?

> 	Anyhow - further thoughts ?

I'm a bit confused. What are you proposing / asking?

> 	ATB,


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