First-time development/C++ Contributor

Ares Dragoj ares.dragoj at
Thu Jan 24 14:58:34 UTC 2019

Hello open-source and LibreOffice enthusiasts!

I am a 21 year old with beginner knowledge in C++ based in Tirana, Albania.
Because of my passion towards this C++ I thought of putting  my knowledge into
practice and why not, expand my knowledge even further. LibreOffice
captured my attention as a leading free open source platform. I contacted
Open Labs hackerspace' members here in Tirana to hopefully jump start me to
the contribution process and how it works and they directed me to this
list. I am more than willing to jump start my contribution to LibreOffice
and will apreciate if you could show me a way of finding some 'begginer
tasks' or any quick fixes.

Thank you for reading! I am looking forward to contributing! :)
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