Could not determine MSC version (Visual Studio 2017)

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Fri Jan 25 10:08:56 UTC 2019

On 25/01/2019 10:55, julien2412 wrote:
> $
> C:/PROGRA~2/MIB055~1/2017/COMMUN~1/VC/Tools/MSVC/1416~1.270/bin/HostX64/x64/cl.exe
> -v
> Compilateur d'optimisation Microsoft (R) C/C++ version▒19.16.27026.1 pour

So that character between "version" and "19" (presumably meant to be a 
no-break space) obviously isn't liked by that sed regex in nss's; it expects to see a true space before the digit sequence.

In principle, you could add a patch to external/nss to adapt that regex 
in nspr/configure (which presumably doesn't get rebuilt from 
nspr/ during our build) to handle either a true space or 
whatever other character you have there.  In practice, that may be 
complicated by cl outputting its text with a different code page than 
what your cygwin shell's locale expects, so coming up with a meaningful 
regex may be nontrivial.  You could also try to see whether nss upstream 
has some fix on offer.

> x64
> Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. Tous droits r▒serv▒s.
> cl▒: Ligne de commande warning D9002▒: option '-v' inconnue ignor▒e
> cl▒: Ligne de commande error D8003▒: nom de fichier de la source absent

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