[SKEC TOMMS] 1st Reminder Mail for Quotation -18119D_ME-RQ-MK695-01 General equipment and spare parts

Yeongrok Shin yeongrok.shin at sk.com
Wed Jan 23 09:41:12 UTC 2019

 Dear Sir,
Thank you for your cooperation.
Regarding the subject, we, SK Engineering & 
Construction Co.,Ltd(SKEC) request for your quotation. 
Please be informed the brief 
information as below concerning the RFQ.
General Conditions:

 22 Your bid must be in the English language.

 22 All bids shall be fully in compliance with the Commerical P'kg.

 22 We request you to quote your best FOB delivery period in calendar weeks. 

 22 You are also advised to explore and propose all the possibilities / alternatives to effect cost savings and to shorten the delivery period.

 22 We reserve the right to reject any or all bids, without assigning the reasons. Further, we reserve the right to place split / partial orders.

 22 If you have any questions or requests, please contact us as below.

 - Commercial : ÂE0Æ01¸5D(Yeongrok Shin) Tel : +82-2-3700-7455 / Email : yeongrok.shin at sk.com

 - Technical   : ®40ÆA9É00(Y.J. Kim) Tel : +82-2-3700-7154 / Email : kyj.eddie at sk.com

 22 Upon receipt of this RFQ, please send your bid acknowledgement avoid automatic reminder emails.

 22 If you need to decline this request, please send the bid Ack as "No" with its reason on our system. 

 22 You are requested to submit your quotation througha reply email


The RFQ Package is comprised of the following documents(Please refer to the attachment):

1. This RFQ 

2. RFQ files which are consisted of attachment #1~#7.

3. MR (Material Requistion) and listed attachments 



Yeongrok, Shin 

C.P.M.(Certified Purchasing Manager) by ISM, USA

Manager / Plant Procurement Team 1

SK Engineering & Construction

Office : +82-2-3700-7455

Mobile : +82-10-9508-1559

Fax : +82-2-3700-8580

E-Mail : yeongrok.shin at sk.com

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