GSOC Report Week 5

Rasmus Jonsson wasmus at
Mon Jul 1 17:20:35 UTC 2019

Making progress again:

* Start and stop LibreOffice.
* Load and close documents in LibreOffice.
* Start and transition slideshows.
* Website control panel has additional functionality for controlling
  the playlist and slideshows.
* Some minor additions and fixes such as making the informational
  screen look alright and display the correct information.

I've also run into problems with LibreOffice:

* Some slides (usually ones with heavy content?) give me a black screen
  when running LibreOffice (libreoffice-fresh from archlinuxarm) on my
  Raspberry Pi 3 B+ -- this is quite disconcerting but might simply be
  due to my ancient LCD screen which needs about an hour to warm up
  before it works (backlight issues?), although it seems really
  strange. If anyone has a Raspberry Pi and feels like replicating this
  that would be great!

Right now I'm making some simple example presentations to use while
testing the program, just to have something half-decent and realistic
to look at. I have some polishing/ tweaking to do on the existing
program as well.


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