Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

Uwe Brauer oub at
Thu Jul 4 13:23:15 UTC 2019

>>> "TB" == Thorsten Behrens <thb at> writes:

   > Hi Uwe,
   > Uwe Brauer wrote:
   >> Is there somebody with enough knownledge in macros to translate those
   >> macros to LO 6.2?
   > Perhaps - I'd suggest you upload them somewhere (provided they are
   > available under an open source license) & post a link here.

Whats about that?

They are under GPL

   > Preferably as a bug report at; you can
   > include a description on how to run them / what is expected to work
   > there.

For that I most likely need 1.1 to run (not sure whether this is
possible to do under Ubuntu 16.04)

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