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Fri Jul 5 09:37:21 UTC 2019

>>> "Wl" == Wol's lists <antlists at> writes:

> On 04/07/2019 11:08, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>> From time to time the question pops up whether LO could support
>> Wordperfects reveal code. Sometimes it is stated that this feature could
>> be implemented by a macro/extension.

> Bear in mind that "reveal codes" is an EDITING window. That was what
> was wrong with MS's pale imitation. So if your macros merely display
> the formatting of a paragraph, that is NOT NOT NOT "reveal codes", and
> any WordPerfect lover will simply ignore it.

> And yes, I would dearly love to have reveal codes back - so much so
> that I am seriously considering shelling out for an up-to-date copy of
> WordPerfect, but sadly I suspect Corel have butchered it. WP8 was
> ported to linux, but that requires libc5, and I'm not aware of any
> newer linux compatible version (WP9, aka WP2000, was implemented on
> top of Wine, but I've never managed to get Wine to run WordPerfect 8
> or earlier, which are the "real" versions. WP9 was the Corel Windows
> re-write - yeuch!!!)

You could try a virtual machine with Ubuntu 5.04 which still relies on
lib5c. ;-)

I managed to obtain the relevant WP files from some obscure ftp
server, but they don't run on Ubuntu 16.04 precisely on that reason.
If you manage to run them on a modern Ubuntu version, please let me know.
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