Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

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Sat Jul 6 11:21:51 UTC 2019

On 06/07/19 10:27, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>     The issue is, what if you force to deal with docx and you run into
>     problems? 
> The data structure inside a .docx has very little relationship to the
> internal data structures inside LO, so it would be extremely hard to
> display "codes" from the .docx in the LibreOffice UI.

Like wise between Word and WordPerfect. But personally, I don't care
about that. The structure in Reveal Codes is a perfect match for a
WordPerfect document. I would like a Reveal-Codes-like window in Writer
that is a perfect match for Writer documents. It just makes working in
your word processor of choice *SO* much easier.
> What you can do is unzip the .docx, edit the .xml files inside, update
> them into the .docx? For some specific mechanical mass changes, or
> trivial detail changes, that you can't do in LO, might work.
My biggest uses for reveal codes were (a) it was my editing window of
choice, (b) when somebody comes to you for help you *can* *see* *WHY*
their document wasn't doing what they expected, and (c) it gave me
*complete* control of whatever I was doing.

When the company I worked for moved to Word, it was forever doing all
sorts of weird things, and especially when trying to provide support to
other users, it was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE because you had no way of
finding out WHY (and hence stopping) Word from doing all those stupid
things you didn't want.

Oh - and when you were helping another user "fix" their document, you
didn't need to know where in the menus / on the keypad all these
functions were that they were using that you didn't know where they'd
came from. You just double-clicked on the code, and it opened up the
configuration window. Or you just deleted the code and the formatting
went away. etc etc.


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