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Tue Jul 9 21:03:42 UTC 2019

There was so much static related to the orginal question, that I opted to simply started a new thread. 
I was provided with a linke to the orignal documents:

There are three documents and I have the original description listed below, but, this is what I did. 
I ignored the original document. I have working copies of documents 2 and 3. They are not well tested, but, they are in the ODT format, and they seem to do what they are supposed. I don't think i can attach them. I can post them to my own site later tonight, or, I can post them in some other suggested location. 

This is the originally posted description. 

RevealCodes.sxw - This is very much a work in progress that I need some feedback on. The concept is to try and provide the sort of functionality that WordPerfect's RevealCodes. At this stage it is fairly primitive - I need feedback as to what people want so that I can improve it. Last updated 10 June 2004.

RevealCodes2.sxw - This is an alternative to the above RevealCodes and is, perhaps, closer to the way WordPerfect works. If you want this macro to be improved then give me feedback! Either directly or via the forum thread: Last updated 06 Oct 2004.

RevealCodes3.sxw - A third alternative. This macro requires to be installed to be able to use it - therefore it doesn't have a Demo button. Use RevealCodes2 above for a general concept demo. This version is configurable, including button colours and what happens when you click a button. Last updated 12-Nov-2004.

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