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On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 5:54 AM Adrien Ollier <adr.ollier at> wrote:

> Also, let's take a concrete example:
> <>
> void Edit::Draw(OutputDevice* pDev, const Point& rPos, const Size& rSize,
> DrawFlags nFlags)
> see l.1771
> Can you tell me how you would remove the use of GetOutDevType?

In this case I would remove the condition "eOutDevType == OUTDEV_PRINTER"
completely. No idea why it exists but color printers exist today and
overriding the text color to black just because the output device is a
printer is backwards and wrong. Anything that a printer can't handle should
be modified in the output device itself and not outside of it. In this
case, what would happen if the background of the Edit is set to black? Yup
- the text would be drawn in black instead of the color that was set. I
tried it with inserting a combo box into a writer document with black
background and white font color to confirm and surely it printed it with
black text. I think you actually found a bug, or a workaround for some
assumption made in the past that's not relevant today anymore. ;)

Regards, Tomaž
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