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Wed Jul 10 16:54:45 UTC 2019

On Wednesday, July 10, 2019 10:52 EDT, Uwe Brauer <oub at> wrote:
 >>> "AP" == Andrew Pitonyak <andrew at> writes:

> There was so much static related to the orginal question, that I opted to simply started a new thread. 
> I was provided with a linke to the orignal documents:


> There are three documents and I have the original description listed below, but, this is what I did. 
> I ignored the original document. I have working copies of documents 2
> and 3. They are not well tested, but, they are in the ODT format, and
> they seem to do what they are supposed. I don't think i can attach
> them. I can post them to my own site later tonight, or, I can post
> them in some other suggested location. 

I would very much appreciate having a copy of these three files.

As for the site, I can't come up with any solution I have tested.
Dropbox is out of question I presume.

Thanks again for you work.

UweI only worked through two of the documents (number 2 and number 3). I can post them to my personal web site if we have no common place to put such things; I just need to take the time to do it. If you don't mind if I email them directly,  i can make that happen even faster than posting them on my web site. 

Side note: The macros are marked GPL, which is kind of viral in nature, which makes my changes (which are clearly marked with " ' ADP " in the comments) under the same license.  My expectation is that any changes I made will be very similar for the first document, which I did not touch or try. The things that I needed to change were as follows: 

1. An UNO enum was ....TypeClass.String (or something similar) and it needed to be TypeClass.STRING. I don't know if it changed, or, if something else changed. Last time I concerned myself with such things, the first use of an enum had to be the same case, but subsiquent uses were case insensitive. 

2. In a few places, there were some array access errors, so, I added "On Error ResumeNext" and then I primed the return value with something specific, made the call, then I used "On Error GoTo 0" to disable error trapping. 

3. Very similar to 2, but some integer (nProperty I think) was -1 rather than a valid value, so, I tested for it. I did not work hard to understand the impliciations. 

The odd errors that I received last time I looked at this did not appear, not sure why. I never did figure out why the third document did not have an obvious way to call the configure dialog, but (1) I did not spend a lot of time looking for it and (2) I think it was intended to be installed and I did not install it or even look at how to install it. My primary focus was to make the macros not fail. My expectation is that I missed something, but, it is probably easily fixed if you see the pattern. 

Andrew Pitonyak
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