windows master build stops at: [MOD] scp2

Oliver Brinzing Oliver.Brinzing at
Thu Jul 11 18:38:08 UTC 2019


are there any known building issues at the moment?
my windows x64 master build with VS 2017 15.9.12  stops reproducible at: [MOD] scp2
there is no error message...
a full build after clean did not help.


cd /cygdrive/d/sources/libo-core
./g checkout master
./g fetch --tags
./g pull -r
/opt/lo/bin/make build-nocheck gb_COLOR=1 gb_TITLES=1 2>&1 | tee build.log

/cygdrive/d/sources/libo-core/ \
         --with-external-tar=/cygdrive/d/sources/lo-externalsrc \
         --with-junit=/cygdrive/d/sources/junit-4.10.jar \
         --with-ant-home=/cygdrive/d/sources/apache-ant-1.9.5 \
         --with-jdk-home=/cygdrive/d/Programme/Java/jdk1.8.0x64 \
         --enable-pch --disable-ccache --enable-debug --enable-64-bit --disable-odk


[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/
[PRL] CustomTarget/postprocess/images/
[DEP] LNK:Library/epoxy.dll
[LNK] Library/epoxy.dll
[BIN] libetonyek
[CUS] postprocess/registry
[RDB] pyuno
    Bibliothek "D:/sources/libo-core/workdir/LinkTarget/Library/iepoxy.lib" und Objekt
"D:/sources/libo-core/workdir/LinkTarget/Library/iepoxy.exp" werden erstellt.
[IMO] scp2/xsltfilter
[PKG] postprocess_registry
[MOD] libetonyek
[LOC] postprocess
[INS] setup_osl
[LOC] libreoffice
[BIN] epoxy
[BIN] pyuno
[LOC] top level modules: libreoffice
[MOD] epoxy
[MOD] pyuno
[CUS] writerfilter/source
[CUS] postprocess/images
[PKG] postprocess_images
[BIN] scp2
[MOD] scp2

last build dll's are:


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