sw_uiwriter hangs in testDateFormFieldCurrentDateInvalidation

Jan-Marek Glogowski glogow at fbihome.de
Sun Jul 14 12:23:24 UTC 2019

Am 14.07.19 um 14:11 schrieb Tamas Zolnai:
> Thanks for the note! I disabled the test for now, let's see if it fix tinderboxes. I'll check the test on Windows locally and fix it or remove it if this ProcessEventsToIdle() does not work correctly.

It should be sufficient to use #ifndef _WIN32 for the moment, as all other OS
seem to pass the test. If you want to debug Windows AnyInput handling, feel free
to contact me on IRC (or even mail), if you have questions.

> I force pushed it because every second Windows build fails on gerrit, which is not very useful when trying to merge a feature branch to master.

It's one thing to have a test failure, but ABORTED due to timeout are very rare.

And hopefully the general situation has improved on Windows since my Windows
font registration fixes and the gbuild instdir font dependencies.

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