GSOC Report Week 8+9

Rasmus Jonsson wasmus at
Thu Jul 25 22:37:44 UTC 2019

* Added slide previews and notes to the JS Impress Remote
* Got the project somewhat presentable for a video demo (was
  presentable a month ago but many changes since)
* Implemented the functionality of the JS Impress Remote based on the
  Android Impress Remote
* Make the new JS Impress Remote server run together with the existing 
  "LibreSign" project
* Get the JS remote working with 
* Fix some Python dependency issues (on Pi)
* Bunch of changes to run and install scripts

Here's the video demo, sorry about it being hand-filmed and not very
professional, but it shows off how the program works. When the design/ 
UI is finished it'll make a much nicer demo :)

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