[GSoC] Weekly Report 27 May - 1 June

Gagandeep Singh deepgagan231197 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 09:37:55 UTC 2019


This week was used in trying to work on import and export of chart
properties through sax parsing in the new chart style panel but after
having a discussion with my mentor, my effort has shifted to implementing
the data structures for storing the chart properties.

Throughout the last month, I was going through the code and experimenting
with the chart style panel UI file to see how different parts of the
project need to be executed. A UI gerrit push is available but is abandoned
right now as the buttons don't have functionality and can't be pushed as is
(also the UI design would need to be discussed later when done with data
structures and import/export).


Wasn't able to write that much code this week so I have also added my last
month work efforts in this report.


Gagandeep Singh
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