Need for new x86 Jenkin's Bot

Luke Benes lukebenes at
Wed Jun 5 14:19:52 UTC 2019


Our concern is that by scuttling @87, we will lose important diversity in TDF's testing infrastructure. While upgrading @87 does address this, it is not what we are asking for.

Why have you chosen to not upgrade @87 like you have the others? Master will build on x86 Fedora 30, Cent OS 7, and should on Cent OS 6 with the devtoolset-7 found here:

I can help you with this or setting up a new Jenkins bot. However, I cannot provide the hardware nor network resources for this purpose. Providing resources to keep our codebase healthy is at the heart of TDF’s mission.  If @87 can not longer be used for baseline binaries, it should be used for this purpose.

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