[Libreoffice-commits] core.git: avmedia/Library_avmediagst.mk avmedia/source vcl/qt5

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Mon Jun 10 12:46:54 UTC 2019


On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 02:19:05PM +0200, Jan-Marek Glogowski wrote:
> Am 10.06.19 um 12:21 schrieb Rene Engelhard:
> [... avmedia now depending on Gtk3 and Qt5]
> > Thought of this a few days and I don't like this. This would make the
> > whole office (well, the package where the gstreamer thingy is in)
> > dependent on qt5. (Yes, I know it's already the case for gtk3, but that
> > imho is not a that big issue.)
> From my POV it's the same problem / issue.

Depends. Given chromium and firefox pull in gtk3 every desktop basically
will have it anyway.
But yes, you are right, for people who want to avoid gtk3 installed it's
the same :-)

> > I could hack around it but that doesn't scale
> > - needs 3 builds of avmedia (gtk3, qt5, neither)
> > - would need dpkg-divert and this effectively means you cannot coinstall
> >   the -gtk3 and -qt5 plugin packages (and thus not even -gtk3 and
> >   -kde5).
> > 
> > Can't the qt5 (and gtk3) libraries not dynamically loaded in some way?
> The only halfway sane way I could come up with would be to move an abstract
> interface of the gstreamer sink loading into VCL, and just use symbol lookup in
> there, so no gstreamer linkage for VCL. avmedia already depends on VCL. I don't
> think we support any other avmedia backend then gstreamer on Linux, so that
> should be fine. At the point of avmedia usage, all required libraries are
> already loaded by the VCL plugin and avmedia.
> The whole backend depending code just uses one gstreamer symbol:
> gst_element_factory_make.
> Happy hacking, Rene :-)

Grmpf. :)



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