Request for review of draft: Resolvable comments in Writer

Jim MacArthur jim.macarthur at
Fri Jun 21 08:39:43 UTC 2019

Hi Regina,

On 20/06/2019 18:35, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Jim MacArthur schrieb am 20-Jun-19 um 17:30:
>> I have a draft patch series which adds the ability to mark comments 
>> in Writer as resolved. This has had some discussion on 
>> <>
>> The patches are and the 
>> related changes.
> I cannot see the patches. Do you have used "submit-draft"? In that 
> case you need to add reviewer.
(This is now public and has been reviewed)

Thank you very much for your review, and for the pointer to Microsoft's 
scheme for resolved flags on tdf#119228. I may have to pass this job 
onto a colleague, but we'll come back with your points addressed.


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