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Heiko wrote an answer to your email in May already, but it went to the
mailing list only, so in case you weren't subscribed, you probably just
didn't get it.

You can also read it here:


On 24/06/2019 03.20, Ricardo Ruff wrote:
> dear Sirs,
> Awaiting your comments
> Regards,
> Ricardo Ruff F.
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>> *Asunto: **Suggestion*
>> *Fecha: *14 de mayo de 2019, 16:00:25 CLT
>> *Para: *libreoffice at lists.freedesktop.org
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>> Dear Sirs,
>> I am a user of Libre Office since searching in the Web a software of
>> open source that not depend of the big Companies that manage the world
>> with their closed source softwares. I congratulate you in keeping
>> Libre Office adding constant improvements.  
>> As I am a user of MAC computers for many years, I am writing you only
>> to suggest if you can study the possibility of change something in
>> your Spreadsheet. I would like use the Libre Office spreadsheet, but I
>> use normally a spreadsheet of MAC whose name is Numbers. This
>> spreadsheet has the advantage of other spreadsheets because you can
>> open a file which have a lot of sheets with their own names, and each
>> of them with many tables, each one with also its proper name. 
>> In the normal spreadsheets of Excel and all of others you can not have
>> this advantage, that helps a lot to work. If you want I can send you a
>> file and you can study this possibility.
>> Await your comments.
>> Regards,
>> Ricardo Ruff F.
>> Phone: 56 2 2243 2093
>> Cel: 9 4042 2153
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