Can mimalloc turn out to be useful for LibreOffice?

Michael Stahl mst at
Mon Jun 24 10:54:57 UTC 2019

On 24.06.19 08:10, Kaganski Mike wrote:
> MS has released its mimalloc [1] under BSD license as a drop-in
> replacement for malloc. It is said to have excellent performance. It's
> also cross-platform. Can it be useful for LibreOffice (on supported
> platforms)? What is required to actually make LibreOffice use it, and
> how to test possible performance effect?

havent we just removed our custom SLAB allocator recently because it 
wasn't worth the maintenance effort?

we have --with-alloc configure flags but setting that to anything custom 
like tcmalloc or jemalloc was removed in 
494bdd3dc32287cc01ea4e0d81438a9266425726 because it had been broken 
since 2011 and nobody noticed.

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