GSOC Report Week 4

Rasmus Jonsson wasmus at
Tue Jun 25 14:57:31 UTC 2019

These last two weeks I've been stuck on integrating my program with
LibreOffice (mentioned in previous report), but I've finally figured
out how to get it to work and am now back on track. I'm about two days
behind schedule but I'll catch up now the problem's solved.

Originally this was going to be done with Impress Remote Protocol, but
URP/ UNO seemed like a better choice, so we agreed to go for that. The
coming weeks (5-7) were supposed to be spent adding features and doing
other work related to the IRP server, I'm not sure how valid this is
now and will discuss it with my mentor.

Spent most days on

* Trying different configurations, settings to connect to
  LibreOffice properly with UNO. Ideally it should work with any
  standard LibreOffice installation(?).
* Wrote scripts to test in isolation from my main program
* Reading up on UNO on
* Got it working and added a new "unoremote" interface to my program,
  presentations can be opened, closed, etc according to the
  user-curated playlist. This was basically all I was trying to do.


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