Extending subsequent tests with dogtail tests?

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Le 06/03/2019 à 20:52, Samuel Thibault a écrit :
> Hello,
> Markus Mohrhard, le lun. 25 févr. 2019 00:34:33 +0800, a ecrit:
>> On a slightly related note I think that we have already quite a few tests for
>> the accessibility UNO layer but as that layer is full of bugs many of the tests
>> are disabled. It might be a good idea to work on these tests before actually
>> trying to implement more complex tests that depend on lower layers working
>> correctly.
> I'm not sure which piece you are referring to.  Is that the AWB?  I
> indeed see some source code in toolkit/test/accessibility but no
> reference to it.
>> The focus handling can be easily integrated into the existing UI
>> testing infrastructure and might benefit there from some of the concepts that
>> should make them more stable
> Good :) So could you plan to work on it?

How could such plan be scheduled in LO qa? Should we report a bug? Or 
open a wiki roadmap?

The problem now is that it is not possible to fix accessibility bugs, 
fix regressions from 4.2, integrating in the code non-regression tests, 
and do the same for the three major programs in free software. It is 
less a will problem than a resource problem, because even with funds, we 
do not have enough persons to work on this with skills related to 
Libreoffice and accessibility in general. As you know more and more 
persons go the web or backend techno, less in programming for desktop 

So while we are ready to fix accessibility bugs, we need non-regression 
tests. And it is difficult to do both. The tool on which we are working, 
dogtail, is interesting because enables to test via the same framework 
different programs, without needing to know the code of each of one. I 
think gateway is possible between Libreoffice framework test and such 
tool. We also could imagine a dedicated machine with dogtail to test, 
but should be acceptd. Also, the thing is to know if LO is ready to 
prevent a release or a commit because introduces a regression in 

Well to sum up, beyond our effort, that we try general and 
cross-software, we would need to know how we can together set a kind of 
roadmap to implement accessibility in the existing frameworks, and add a 
layer to make common scenarios between our general tool and LO's one. 
Having that may be in the easy hacks to have contributions? Or b a 
specific TDF tender just like we did for labels?


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