GSoC idea for LibreOffice Online

praveeny at praveeny at
Sat Mar 9 23:42:14 UTC 2019

Hello sir/mam,
   Myself Praveen Yadav, I am a 2nd year Mechanical engineering student of
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur(India).
    I am interested to work with your organization in GSoC.
  So I want to propose a idea for libreoffice online. My idea is it--

" We make a file in a local disk(offline). Then we can generate a
shareable link to  access the file for any other."

   " Like in online we do,we share link to access that file for other.

    Same I am doing that for offline we make file  and generate link and
share it to other then it will we available for others too. It will be
in our local disk. When it will connect network it will update
automatically  for others also.
   Because when we work on online file and that time if we don't have a
good network then we  can't work on that. If it will be available in a
online and offline mode then we can work anytime."

If I send this idea on a wrong mail. Please let me know where should  I
send this mail.

Thank you

Praveen Yadav
2nd yr ME/B.Tech
IIT Kanpur(India),

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