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Mon Mar 11 17:31:52 UTC 2019

Hi Uvaish,

Welcome to LibreOffice! It is nice to see you are interested in applying 
for a GSoC project. Having skill/knowledge/experience in programming, 
and especially in C++ helps a lot while working on the LibreOffice 

As the student application date for GSoC is approaching, we suggest you to

* Go through the LibreOffice development getting started page [0]
* Start with solving some 'beginner' easyHacks [1]
* Solve at least one 'interesting' easyHack
* Start discussing your ideas with possible mentors, and preparing your 
* Don't leave your proposal to the last day. Sooner is better.

Also checking the GSoC ideas page first, and trying to choose the 
easyHacks related to your probable idea(s) might be a good idea [2], and 
perhaps also the page for ideas without a mentor yet [3].

If you ever get stuck (after doing the usual leg-work (re(search), try, 
debug etc.) yourself), please don't hesitate to ask your questions 
either on the #libreoffice-dev IRC channel, or on this mailing list.



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On 10.03.2019 14:42, solo learn wrote:
> sorry, for typing errors in the previous mail. i intended to write 
> "Google summer of code" and "my name in Uvaish zafri". hope you don't 
> mind that.
> On Mar 10, 2019 5:09 PM, "solo learn" <uvaishzafri1 at 
> <mailto:uvaishzafri1 at>> wrote:
>     hello sir/madam, my band is Uvaish Zafri. I am an information
>     technology undergraduate from India and would like to work on
>     "move the gallery code to use ZIP files" idea under libreoffice
>     project. please provide me guidance for further procedures.
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