Problems with import of shape type 'arc' from binary MS Office

Mark Hung marklh9 at
Wed Mar 13 11:45:20 UTC 2019

Hi Regina,

In your first mail you mentioned that MSO has viewbox size 43200x43200,
while LibreOffice has viewbox size 21600x21600.
And MSO viewbox only contains the current sector but LibreOffice contains
the eclipse.

I think it's correct that you want to make LibreOffice viewbox only contain
the current sector. But I think the problem is caused by incorrect
conversion of the draw:enhanced-path (see the content.xml in saved odt
file) instead of the incorrect viewbox size. I think it's important to find
out why it failed to convert the enhanced-path so that it only contains the

Although changing the viewbox size might have the expected effect for the
arc shape msoSptArc, but I don't understand why it works and we might also
miss the chance to fix the conversion of problematic drawing commands for
other custom shapes.

Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at> 於 2019年3月13日 週三 上午2:22寫道:

> Hi Mark,
> Mark Hung schrieb am 12-Mar-19 um 15:59:
> >
> >
> > Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at
> > <mailto:rb.henschel at>> 於 2019年3月11日 週一 上午6:11寫道:
> >
> >     Hi all,
> >
> >     It is not possible to change the outer position to set the sector to
> >     the
> >     original position, because that might result in positions outside the
> >     page. But that is not possible for text documents.
> >
> >     I consider to change the import so, that the viewbox only includes
> the
> >     current sector not the entire ellipse. What do you think?
> >
> >
> > I wonder why this is necessary if both MSO and LibreOffice interpret the
> > viewbox and arc command the same way.
> But they have different size and position of the viewbox. I have written
> It has a
> document attached, where you can see the problem.
>   If they don't, I'd consider to
> > scale the parameters of the arc command because other command might rely
> > on the viewbox.
> It is only about the shape 'arc'. I do not see the problem for other
> shape types. The 'arc' has a special treating anyway, see
> msdffimpl.cxx#4513. Setting a special viewbox for the 'arc' shape would
> have no effect on other shapes.
> There would be a difference for the user. If he changed the angle of the
> arc, he would notice, that the adjustment handles leave the rectangle of
> the resize handles and the sector might be partly outside the rectangle
> of the resize handles.
>   Or maybe the view port were set to 0,0,0,0 as in
> > tdf#76334? I saw pptx always import the viewbox as 0,0,0,0, and there
> > are treatment that I felt that might be wrong.
> That is in the OOXML import filter and not affected here. The treating
> there is wrong, but it is a different problem.
> Kind regards
> Regina

Mark Hung
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