Problems with import of shape type 'arc' from binary MS Office

Mark Hung marklh9 at
Tue Mar 19 08:55:17 UTC 2019

Hi Regina,

> You are right, perhaps a more general solution is needed. If the
> solution were so clear, I would not have ask on the list.
> Problems are:
> MS Office allows positions, so that parts of the shape are outside the
> page area. That allows e.g. a sector to be placed in the corner of a
> page. LibreOffice shows such, if the file is in docx format, but does
> not allow it in odt format.
> I can try to change the position information (svg:x, svg:y) so that the
> sector of a mso_sptArc shape will be at the same position as in Word.
> But that works only as long as the entire underlying ellipse is still
> inside the page area.
Thanks for explain this in detail. I overlooked the fact that we didn't
have preset shape definitions for the binary format
 as we did for OOXML. It seems that you've considered thoroughly. Kudos for
all the good work.

Best regards.

Mark Hung
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