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"and" is a C++ keyword (, which is the logical AND (&&). I am surprised it is not recognized.
C++ keywords: and -<>
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C++ keywords -<>
Also, all identifiers that contain a double underscore __ in any position and each identifier that begins with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter is always reserved and all identifiers that begin with an underscore are reserved for use as names in the global namespace. See identifiers for more details.. The namespace std is used to place names of the standard C++ library.

"--enable-werror" is not in my Makefile. I'll active it next time with

Is it possible to amend a commit in order to my change ID 71651 or do I have to abandon this change and push another one?

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Hi Adrien,

Adrien Ollier schrieb am 02-May-19 um 21:32:
> Hi everybody,
> All of my commits fail at Jenkins tests:

Wrong syntax for the boolean operator.

> But the changes are very simple and on my computer I have no error.

Do you have option --enable-werror in your configure?

Kind regards
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