improving empty handling in tools::Rectangle

Luboš Luňák l.lunak at
Wed May 8 08:31:21 UTC 2019

On Tuesday 07 of May 2019, Tomaž Vajngerl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 8:42 PM Luboš Luňák <l.lunak at> wrote:
> >   A clang plugin that rewrites all "getWidth()" to "(GetWidth() + 1)" (or
> > the
> > other way around).
> Well the problem is that getWidth() is not always GetWidth() + 1 , which
> you see when you examine its implementation. AFAIK this is the reason
> previous attempts abandoned the idea to mechanically change it.

 I see. One idea that comes to mind then is to split the current class into a 
sane tools::Rectangle and keep the insane stuff in tools::SillyRectangle. 
Then at least it would be clearly defined what is good and what is not, the 
awfulness would be contained, wouldn't spread and its usage could be reduced 
over time.

 Luboš Luňák
 l.lunak at

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