possible missing code in unoil-6.2.2 jar ?

Michael Stahl mst at libreoffice.org
Fri May 10 08:45:23 UTC 2019

On 10.05.19 10:18, LORENZO Vincent wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>                  I just noticed that the unoil-6.2.2.jar doesn’t 
> contains the folder com/sun/star/images, instead it is on the git branch 

it's called "image", not "images".

> libreoffice-6-2-2, in the folder /offapi. I don’t know if someone forgot 
> to include this folder to the build or if it is the wanted build behavior…
> FYI, this folder contains these files
> ImageMap.idl
> ImageMapCircleObject.idl
> ImageMapObject.idl
> ImageMapPolygonObject.idl
> ImageMapRectangleObject.idl

all of these are old-style services, for which no code is generated 
because they are only for documentation, so it is expected that 
unoil.jar does not contain corresponding classes.

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