NLPSolver - range of FACTOR coefficient in Differential Evolution?

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Wed May 15 13:00:59 UTC 2019

Hi Todor,

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:40 PM Todor Balabanov <todor.balabanov at>

> Hello Tomaz,
> Thank you for the replay. There are many metaheuristics developed in last
> few decades. I am not very familiar, but Simulated Annealing has reputation
> of successful tool. SA in combination with DE and PSO can also be
> interesting.
> I will need time to get familiar with L.O. parts in which I am interested
> in. That is why I am not in a rush to do many changes.

No problem - take your time. Still solvers are quite isolated from the LO
itself. I even build my c++ PSO and DE implementations in a separate
project outside LO.

I have an issue with L.O. building under Mac OS:
> What do you think about this problem? Can you advise me something?

Look like a problem with Java installation, but I'm not sure exactly. You
would need to describe more what you did and where you get the error.

> All the best,
> Todor

BTW. make sure you CC libreoffice mailing list when replaying.

Best Regards,
Tomaž Vajngerl

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