Java min version for master sources?

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Tue May 21 10:06:38 UTC 2019

sberg wrote
> ...
> As I wrote, "though `javac --source 1.6 --target 1.6` apparently doesn't 
> check that".  So I guess to make such mistakes fail locally or for 
> Gerrit/Jenkins, you would need to actually use Java 6 to build there.

Taking a look to,
I don't see the use of "JAVA_SOURCE_VER" or "JAVA_TARGET_VER" var in
"scripting" part.
But did you mean this kind of line$(JAVA_TARGET_VER) \ (which obviously must
correspond to add "--target 1.6" to javac)
doesn't actually does its checking work?
it seems even more complicated since we should use too "bootclasspath"
option too.
Bad news then :-(


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