Using Amazon Corretto as Oracle JDK replacement for building LibreOffice on Windows

Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Thu May 30 12:46:41 UTC 2019


Since Oracle JDK versions prior to 12 are now unavailable from the 
official site [1] for unregistered users (and version 12 is said to 
still have problems/needs workarounds [2]), I decided to give Amazon 
Corretto [3] a try. I downloaded and installed the two MSIs listed on 
that page (amazon-corretto- and 
amazon-corretto- - I chose to setup full 
just in case, and I need the two packages to be able to build both 
32-bit and 64-bit LibreOffice, - and then setup and run lode. With that, 
LibreOffice x64 master build succeeded normally. So this is just to let 
you know in case you need an alternative JRE.


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