Reverting most pressing bug: button flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Tue Nov 5 08:07:18 UTC 2019

On 28/10/2019 18:11, Justin Luth wrote:
> There has been a "most pressing bug" in the ESC minutes for months 
> without any noticeable developer investigation happening.
>   + button flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks
>      +
>      + Armin ?
>      + 21 duplicate
>      + even just identifying the problematic part of the commit would be 
> helpful (Xisco)
> The patch causing this bug has it's own meta-bug report in fact. 
> Since there is nobody interested in actually fixing the regressions, 
> today I attempted to simply revert it for the 6.3 branch 
> ( That wasn't too hard to do. The 
> biggest concern of course is how many other patches have landed in the 
> past year that depend on this patch. Unit tests suggest NONE, Since no 
> one was willing to fix any of the bugs, do we have any choice except to 
> revert?  The next step is to revert from master unless someone is 
> willing to take responsibility for this patch for LO 6.4.

This appears to be mostly under control now?

<> "button 
flashing - mouse wheel zooming breaks" has been marked RESOLVED FIXED 
and <> "Revert 'Refactor calc 
non-linear ViewToDevice transform'" has been abandoned.

The only open bug listed at 
"(ViewToDevice-Refactor) - [META] Regressions introduced by Refactor 
calc non-linear ViewToDevice transform" is 
<> "main menu 
and context menus empty when using form elements and OpenGL".

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