Impress .ODP Bug Report

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at
Thu Nov 7 07:19:29 UTC 2019

Eduardo Puchalski kirjoitti 6.11.2019 klo 21.31:
> Hello, I am Eduardo, a TI support worker, Brazil. An administrative 
> worker was doing a presentation on LibreOffice Impress, a boss told my 
> co-worker to change from LibreOffice to MicrosoftOffice on the 
> administration computer, he made this change this morning, simply 
> uninstalled Libre and installed Microsoft. After that, the extension in 
> the file changed from .ODP to .OPD. .OPD is a very uncommon extension 
> and we don't deal with nothing related to it. I tried to "restore" the 
> file but I do not succeeded yet. Could you please help me with this matter?
> Thank you. I support free software and even have some ideas for 
> LibreOffice interface.

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