Building libreoffice online on CENTOS 7

narutobaka bertrand.lods at
Tue Nov 26 10:49:50 UTC 2019


My problème come from npm configuration.

First i need to install npm at 5 to downgrade in 5.X branch of npm :
npm install -g npm at 5

Then it seams I have write right problem even when I was in root and was
cause of this message :

npm WARN lifecycle loleaflet at 0.8.0-dev~postinstall: cannot run in wd
loleaflet at 0.8.0-dev browserify node_modules/@braintree/sanitize-url/index.js

To work around this problem I had the directive "unsafe-perm" to my npm
configuration :
npm config set unsafe-perm true

And then I succeed to make "online".

thank for help

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